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Trade is easy and fast with Olymp Trade!

Being considered a lucrative and clear-cut financial instrument, Fixed Time Trading are quite easy to handle and understand. You just have to predict how the price of an asset will change, whether it will rise or go down. FTT allow customers to gain money rapidly without much effort. Using a simple procedure that consists in forecasting to see if a certain currency will be worth more or less than another currency. While profits can go up to 92% of the trade sum, traders know from the beginning of their transactions what they risk and what they could gain. Trading on Olymp Trade is very affordable. Clients don’t need to invest big amounts, the minimum trade sum being $1 and the minimum deposit sum being $10. This makes trading accessible to everyone on the transparent and user-friendly Olymp Trade platform.

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Types of Fixed Time Trading available on the platform

The Olymp Trade website proposes classic forex trading and Fixed Time Trading. For the classic ones, clients need to set the trade amount and the time limit. Time trading make trading advantageous. It offers timely executions of operations. And also the possibility of multi-trading. Which means that all trades will be closed at the same time. In accordance with the deadline that was previously set by the user. Olymp Trade gives you the opportunity to learn a fast way of having good and on the spot profit.  In comparison to other investment instruments available on the financial market. You don’t have to be a professional before starting to trade on Olymp Trade. You just need to learn key concepts about forex or FTT. This is because the platform also has educational support for beginners. No other softwares are required to download.

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Pending trades – how do they work?

Customers can benefit from another clever function of the Olymp Trade platform. That is the pending trade which allows you to postpone trade operations when the criteria are met. Only classic forex trading have the pending trade feature. A demand expires in 23 hours and works for a single trading assignment. Before it opens, the order can be canceled whenever you want and you won’t lose the investment you made for that specific trade.

The pending demand will not be processed in the following cases: members don’t have enough funds on their accounts, the scheduled deadline exceeds the time left until the termination of the trade, the goal was achieved while ten trading sessions were already opened, the specified criteria are not met before 00.00 MSK. If the trader’s forecast is correct, the profit can reach 92%. On the other hand, if the trader did not choose the right trading direction, he would lose the money that he invested in that particular trade.

Risk-free trade: a characteristic of a trustworthy broker

Olymp Trade uses a risk-free trade system, with a limit of $100, which means that when traders invest maximum $100 and their forecast is not correct, they will receive back up to $100. Members of the Olymp Trade platform are able to invest even less than $100 and if their forecast is not the right one, the platform gives back the money that they invested, but does not pay the difference between the traded amount and the risk-free limit.

Trade indicators: Heiken Ashi candles

A well-known and advantageous indicator used by numerous traders, the Heiken Ashi candles instrument systematizes and offers a more comprehensive visual presentation of the candlestick chart.

There are several types of Heiken Ashi candles: red candle which shows up at the start or end of a descending activity, red candle which does not have an upper shadow and is present with a strong descending action, green candle with shadow which shows up at the start or end of ascending activity, green candle which does not have a lower shadow and shows a strong ascending action; and finally, candle which has a small body and big shadows on the two sides, meaning that it is likely that there is a trend switch. Heiken Ashi’s drawback consists in the fact that there is a delay in the price chart.

The instrument implies a certain formula that can be described as follows: 1. Open level which signifies the average rate of the opening and closing prices of the previous standard candle; 2. Close level which means the average rate of the high, low, opening and closing prices of the ongoing candle.

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Candlestick charts and their usefulness

Candlestick charts are made of Japanese candlesticks, based on the information for a given time period. A candle which has a time interval of 10 seconds indicates the fact that the candle body takes 10 seconds to form and in addition, another candle begins to form when the time expires. We can distinguish between 3 categories of candles: red candles which show a decrease in price in that time interval, green candles which indicate an increase in price during that period and unformed candles which signify that there was no change in price in a given time frame.

Olymp Trade analysts will be happy to teach you more about trade strategies in forex and FTT. Don’t hesitate to contact them and use the educational resources available on the Olymp Trade website.

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